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Understand your personal HIV/STD risks.

We remind you about upcoming recommended HIV/STD tests.

Automatically receive home tests when it is time to screen.

You are never alone with us! We are available to you before, during and after your testing.

Understand Your Risks
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Sex-Positive and Personalized

Sexual Health Dashboard

Based on your demographic, location and the type of partners you like to be sexually active with, the BeforeWeDo Sexual Health Dashboard shows you:
  • The sexually transmitted diseases (STD) most common and least common among people like you and your partners.
  • How your can lower your risks before, during and after sex
  • Expert and Peer advice on how to increase pleasure at the same time.
You will be equipped with the relevant information to make the best decision for you and your partners. And you might even learn another thing or two.


Take a Break

We keep track of your screening for you

Based on your risk, sexual activity level and the official STD screening recommendation, we make a plan for you when to take which type of testing. You can be absent minded about your regular testing as we will remind you in various ways when it is time for your inspection again.


Never Alone

Our Service Promise

We know how you feel - we do home testing ourselves. And while it boosts your privacy and convenience, it can be intimadating at times, too. That is why our service support there for you before, during and after your tests - available via email, phone and chat. Actually, why don't you give it a try and chat with us right now!


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